Black Granite Selection

Black granite is the great selection for kitchen top, where its give a modern appearance compared to other granite types. In the market there are several types of black granite either natural granite or artificial granite stone. 

Artificial Granite

Artificial granite stones manufactured in clear colors, any color could be customized its first choice for modern kitchen. Due to demand increasing on artificial granite, manufacturers begin to design slabs similar to marble that has large and unique veins. There are slabs in white and grey veins, others black with white veins appear in high contrast level, as its artificial and produce by casting i don’t prefer it’s veins, its thick, because it’s hard to produce thin details veins as the beauty of nature. As artificial granite has a nice appearance it’s also has disadvantages, many types affected by high temperatures that doesn’t make it a suitable choice for kitchens, this beside the disadvantage of polishing the edges that won’t look similar to top face until hardworking.

Natural Granite

Natural Granite is better than artificial, where it doesn’t affect high temperature and it’s much easier to edges polishing. Although natural granite usually doesn’t have veins it assembly of particles as a result of volcanoes. In the market, commonly there are three black granite types, Absolute, Blackforest and Galaxy. Absolute is almost clear black has gray sand size particles imported from South of India. Blackforest has white and gray veins, however there are several types of galaxy. Galaxy in general has a clear black background with silver and gold particles, yes it’s real gold. The size of these particles makes galaxy classify under two types. The large and regular size of these particles, the large particles size are 6 mm. The small particulars range of 3 mm where it adds a brilliant spangle to appear as it the stars in the galaxy.

As you understand the different of black granite types advantages and disadvantages. You could make the right decision on which look better within the design context.

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