Creme color marble is favorite choice for many people. In market, there are a variety of choices of creme marble. Crema Nova the Turkish product is a common choice. because it quality, beauty and low price comparing to competitive marble types.

Crema Nova building, Gaza 2017 by ORIGIN DESIGN, Zahi Alrayyes
Crema Nova building, By ORIGIN DESIGN 2017

Types of Crema nove

There are several types of Crema Nova, we prefer tiles have similar background color. Although be aware of large white spots, it appear odd at your wall or floor.
Crema Nova veins are range from orange to purple. It’s always better to have same veins colors tiles, I prefer orange veins. Large clear orange veins called Gold Crema Nova tiles it look pretty when it’s in same direction diagonally to tiles edges.

Polishing Edges

The only problem will face you, that edges of Crema Nova Marble is hard to polish. Then it will look in different color. Crema Nova is high strength marble that’s why it’s hard to polish, but it veins are weak it’s easy to break. Be aware Crema Nova marble is easy to break during installing, be aware of transportation at construction site. 

Crema Nova Edges problems. Photo of Alhelou Petrol Station, Gaza 2018
Crema Nova Edges color difference, By ORIGIN DESIGN 2018.

Crema Nova tiles and Slabs

Different sizes of Crema Nova available like: Slab, Tiles and decorations. Slab is my favorite type it’s fit large applications like table-top, counter-top …etc. slab available is size of 300*205 cm most common, large scale marble are nice because it will show the veins continuously and nice. Aslo Nova marble is available in tiles size of 30*60 cm, this size is the most common size, it fits many applications beside its cheap and easy to transport. Producers of Crema Nova tiles also have 30 cm width by random length, this is economical, and fit outdoor applications. Another type available is small split face as decoration, this type come in 30*30 Crema Nova tiles. It’s assembled together using plastic mesh, then craftsman put them to wall using tile adhesive.

Crema Nova Marble Quality

The quality of crema nova is range from high quality to commercial tiles. Two main factors play roles for crema nova quality, the tone and the cut size. The price is connected directly to quality where high quality tiles are double the price of commercial nova tiles.

Since Crema Nova veins are purple and orange with a beige or off-white background, the tiles will have a variety of tones. Cheap Crema Nova tiles have seamless tones, while better quality have fine orange veins or wide golden veins. The size of veins will affect the price where smaller veins have more strength. But keep in mind that veins are beautiful, therefore tiles with wide golden veins are in high quality as well. For wide golden veins Crema Nova stone, diagonal same direction veins are preferred. The similar background color tiles are in better quality. Therefore put several tiles together keep your eye on the background color then take your decision. 

Typically Crema Nova tiles cut in 30x60cm in 18mm thickness, this mean the wooden plate will contain 98 tiles. Shipping has a high percentage of marble price, 30×30 size is economical compared to marble slabs. Also for cheaper choice there is 30cm width by random width. This is because producers will use the maximum of defective crema nova marble blocks.

Attached photos for buildings cladding in Crema Nova marble. Also Crema Nova marble texture for rendering software. 

Crema Nova Texture for rendering

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