Glass Sheet Types

Glass types samples
Glass types samples

Glass is made from liquid sand, it forms in sheets in order to fit architectural needs. The different architectural needs led to produce variety of glass sheets types. glass available as Transparent glass sheets, decorated glass, reflected glass and painted glass.

Transparent Glass

Transparent glass is available in different thicknesses. To enhance glass strength and for security reasons, there is glass reinforcement with wires. Tempered glass and laminated glass are the development of glass manufacturing, it enhancing glass strength, while keeping glass transparency. Tempered glass is to apply different temperatures and add chemicals to glass sheets. When tempered glass broke, it crumbles into small granular chunks for safety, tempered glass uses for car back. Be aware that after tempering a glass sheet you can’t trim it, it will break into crumbles. Another disadvantage of tempered glass due to apply to high temperature the sheet surface will wave. In the other hand laminated glass is to glue interlayer film between two glass sheets. When laminated glass breaks it is held in place by an interlayer for safety, laminated glass use at car front glass.

transparent glass types
transparent glass types

Decorated Glass

Decorated glass use to get more privacy, it has a rough texture formed in a certain pattern. The patterns I saw in the market is: Islamic pattern, leaves decoration and dots. This beside, Sanding glass type that appear in modern style comparing to other patterns.

decorative glass types
decorative glass types

Reflected Glass

Reflected glass is the colored glass that reflects from one side and it’s transparent from the other side. It reflects from the side that has higher illumination intensity. Therefore it gives privacy during day, but need another solution during night like curtains or something similar. Reflected glass producers are Belgian, Turkish and Chinesee. Belgianis the best, glass color tone will not change comparing to other producers. Reflected glass is available in different colors and specifications that we could discuss in another post.

reflected glass types
reflected glass types

Glass Printing

Glass painted in the required color, either by solid color or transparent color. Paint is protected by glass from scratching by painting the inner face of the glass, this technique keep the elegant gloss of the glass. Also glass can be printed in a custom photo, even there is transparent printing is available. Painting glass is expensive comparing to printed film then install at glass, which will get a similar solution.

But there is a cheaper solution by installing printed film at glass, which will get a similar solution.

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