How to Select Trend Parquet Tiles

In the last several years, parquet tiles – the wood like – become very popular. It gives a warm feeling to the space; it’s more suitable for house than a public space. In this article we will discuss the specifications of parquet tiles, to understand how to select and buy it.

parquet flooring
parquet flooring, Gaza 2018

Parquet tiles Sizes & Types

As the market demand increasing, companies competitive to create new and creative parquet tile design. Parquet tiles come in several sizes, I prefer the slim tile in size 15*90 cm, there are 15×40 cm, 20*120 and 60×120 cm tiles size that I don’t prefer because of the ratio. Smaller size parquet is recently available at the market in size of 3×15 cm. Small parquet tiles look nice but it has a larger area for cement grout, which will affect negatively with weathering. The thickness of parquet tile s ranging from 3 mm to 9 mm according to it material. As its tile material, there are ceramic and porcelain materials. Porcelain is thicker gives more strength; however for walls we prefer ceramic. Ceramic has pores which will bond better with cement mortar. 

Parquet tiles at walls
Parquet tiles at walls. Gaza 2019 by Zahi Alrayyes 2018

Parquet Texture

Parquet flooring is available in all natural wood type like Oak, Mable, Beech, Rose, Mahogany and much more. Also white color wood, old wood style and even painted color parquet. The variety makes parquet suitable for different styles. As it becomes an important selection in the two trend styles in 2019. The urban style which is concrete like tiles with wooden like tiles, this suitable for toilets and outdoor. The second trend style is the light white style; Calacatta tile with parquet tiles. This beside there are soft and rough tiles surface, I prefer a rough surface to appear similar to wood. High reflection parquet tile look like tile more than wood, a light reflection could fit the light white style interior. Another thing to notice when selecting tiles is edges, some edges are round while others are sharp cut, for a parquet i prefer round edges to show tiles scale and look as real wood. Finally when parquet have a high gloss seems like fake wood.

different parquet tiles colors at Alghefari showroom, Gaza 2019
different parquet tiles colors at Alghefari showroom, Gaza 2019
parquet wall, by ORIGIN DESIGN 2018
parquet wall, by ORIGIN DESIGN 2018
Parquet tiles for swimming pool
Parquet tiles at different colors. Gaza by Zahi Alrayyes 2018
different parquet porcelain tiles color and texture, Gaza 2020 at Zomord showroom
different parquet porcelain tiles color and texture, Gaza 2020 at Zomord showroom

Installing Tiles

After buying the parquet tiles, it’s time to think about arranging the tiles, the space totally difference according to the direction of the tiles. I advise you to make it irregular, shifting each tile to another from 15 to 25 cm.  Also for large rooms and spaces, or if the tile is small I recommend installing parquet in zigzag arrangement. Zigzag arrangement will  will show the space larger.

Parquet floor at zigzag arrangement, Heavens restaurant Gaza 2019
Parquet floor at zigzag arrangement, Heavens restaurant Gaza 2019
Parquet tile will not break easily?

No, it’s not a wood, wooden floor is easy to break and scratch. But it’s tile it’s hard to break or scratch, it depends on the tile material and quality of tiles. For high glossiness tiles it’s easy to scratch compared to matt or rough tiles.

Is parquet tiles easy to clean?

It depends on the reflection and grout. All tiles in high reflection is hard to clean, it has to always look shiny. And rough texture tiles will collect dust and water easily, therefore matt tile is prefered to keep floor clean. For walls it’s easier to clean either high gloss or rough texture tiles, normally it will just collect dust. For the grout, it’s always get darker, then less grout means less cleaning. When the grout need cleaning there is some chemical products will return it as it installed yesterday. Parquet floor tiles after painting works tiles collect dirt photo, by Shokri Alkolak, Palestine 2020

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