Stairs Hidden Lighting

Stairs with hidden Light, Alrayyes 2019
Stairs with hidden Light, Alrayyes 2019

The staircase is the focal point inside any space, designers like to make staircase the aesthetic element of the space. Staircase is expensive because it large scale especially when cladding with marble or granite. Also designers like to enhance the beauty of the staircase by adding some elements and design techniques. Stairs Lighting is one of the most important techniques. Lighting could be target on the steps or hidden inside the steps, other designs depend on handrail lighting. This topic will discuss stairs hidden lighting type and its construction details.

LED Strip light

Hidden lighting requires a grove inside stair, usually LED strip type used as lighting source. Lighting source physical specifications affect step’s construction detail design. During cleaning the staircase water will expose at LED, therefore select the waterproof LED strip light. Also it’s very important to cut the strip light only at the given cut line between the copper dots or it won’t work. In many cases cut line come every 100 cm, select the right LED’s specifications, where some products have cut lines every 20 cm. LED strip light need start and end cap, where caps connect electricity to the light source. In addition to this LED lights use 12 volt current, this requires a transformer from high voltage to low voltage. The transformer required to install inside a waterproof box.

LED lighting installations, shows the LED star and end cap
LED lighting installations, shows the LED star and end cap, 2019

Installin g Strip Light

Installing the LED strip inside marble steps requires a groove in order to appear as hidden light. Inside the groove, install steel wires to connect light strip to marble. Steel wires is the best choice, because the sun will ruin any type of glue. The size of lighting grove has to be big enough to host the strip light. There is no specific size, each product has it specifications. 

Marble Stairs from Side, Shows the relations between LED light and marble, 2019
Marble Stairs from Side, Shows the relations between LED light and marble, 2019

Lights show the beauty of marble, personally i prefer warm white color – 3700 Kelvin – it adds much to marble beauty. Blue light suit black stairs, like Galaxy and absolute granite. Furthermore Light intensity doesn’t have to be in high, single bulbs row LED strip light is enough. LED strip light consumes a large amount of energy, it ranges from 7 to 10 watt for each meter.

Stairs Cave Lighting and Marble Reflection

Stairs’ high reflection marble or granite, will reflect the LED strip light. Therefore avoid using high reflection granite like absolute or galaxy. As shown in the following photo it will reflect the light source. Remember that we do a cave light to avoid light glare, so we need to avoid reflection of light source. By preventing to use high reflection marble or granite or by using more depth light cave or using acrylic cover will solve the problem.

Black granite stairs cave light stairs in blue color, by Alghoutti 2018
Stairs lighting problem, where it reflect the light source. Black granite stairs hidden light / cave light stairs in blue color, by Alghoutti 2018

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